Here’s another kitchen that proves how great IKEA cabinets can look.  So often customers come to us with cold feet because, though they like the look and price of IKEA cabinets, they are afraid installing them will somehow bring down the value of their upscale home, but nothing could be further from the truth!  Case in point:  This kitchen which was installed in a beautifully restored home in a neighborhood that, frankly, we couldn’t afford to live in!  The designer wisely chose to work with IKEA cabinets because the modern look fit the clients taste and style, and also left room in the budget for high-end appliances.  To escape the out-of-the box look, the designer called for a combination of Abstrakt white and Sofielund faces along with stainless steel toekicks.  As you can see, the combination works perfectly, and results in a kitchen that looks like it belongs in a magazine!

IKEA cabinets aren’t just good for kitchens either:  For this client, we installed them in the laundry room to great effect.  Notice the custom bench with storage for shoes and boots which was artfully designed by our own designer.

       What we like –

It’s a subtle thing, but on either side of the hood where you would normally expect to see cabinets, the client and designer elected to leave it open.  This effectively opens up the lines of sight, and keeps things from feeling too crowded when working at the cooktop.  It also allows for the full height tile backsplash which adds a dramatic accent.