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This summer we took this kids bathroom out of the nineties and gave it a total makeover.


Vinyl floor, brass hardware, and oak cabinets: yup, that’s a 90s bathroom!


I know, that teal color is really in your face, right?  But hey, it’s the kid’s bathroom.  It’s fun!  Actually, the kids (ten year old twin girls) picked out more than just the paint color, they picked out the lights and accent tile too, which work great together.  The vanity lights came from IKEA and are the perfect complement to the glass mosaic tile bubbles.

One of the big functional improvements we made here was to move the toilet to the opposite wall, so it wasn’t right in front of the shower like before.  Then we added a partition wall for a little privacy.


Why do people always put the toilet right in front of the tub like this? Nobody wants to stare are the toilet when they’re taking a bath, right?!

This meant shortening the vanity, but it’s a long room, so there was still enough room for two sinks, and plenty of counter space.

These cabinets were made using IKEA kitchen cabinets.  We cut them down to 24″ tall, and suspended them off the floor for a lighter feel.  Then to make it totally luxurious we used our custom teak faces with horizontal grain!  Speaking of luxurious these tile floors are heated!  No more cold little piggies!

Teak_VanityThe clients decided to forego the tub in favor of this spacious shower with a frameless glass door (no more brass!).  I really like the glass mosaic accent tile they chose!

Tile_ShowerPretty dramatic makeover, right?!  And that’s just one of the three bathrooms we remodeled for these clients.  Wait until you see their master bathroom!

This bathroom features custom faces from our sister company, Unhinged Custom Doors.  If you’re interested in ordering custom doors for your IKEA kitchen or Bath, and live in Washington or Oregon, feel free to contact us!  We offer a full range of wood and mad-made materials, and offer custom doors, panels and drawer fronts for IKEA’s Akurum and Sektion cabinets!

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