This grand kitchen was commissioned by a professional pastry chef in Redmond.  Inspired by transitional design, it features shaker style cabinet faces made by our very own Unhinged Custom Doors.  That’s right, behind these classy doors, you will find good old IKEA frames and hardware!

To take advantage of the high ceilings, our designer, Sarah, called for stacked cabinets – combining 30″ and 20″ upper cabinet frames for tons of storage.  The thoughtful use of open shelving keeps things from getting too cabinet heavy, and counter-to-ceiling subway tile completes the classic look for this classy kitchen!  Of course there’s no overlooking the massive 48″ BlueStar professional gas range, which required a new 3/4″ gas line to be run from the meter to accommodate its high output.

This kitchen isn’t just a showpiece though, this is someone who loves to cook, and we’re sure there will be some amazing food and memories made here!

What we like-

the counter-to-ceiling tile!  Yes it’s more expensive to tile all the way to the ceiling, but look at the dramatic difference it makes!  If the backsplash stopped at the standard 18″ imagine how boring it would look!