IKEA Kitchens, etc.

Let us do it for you…

Thinking about installing IKEA cabinets in your kitchen?  Great choice!  We love IKEA cabinets.  We’ve installed literally hundreds of IKEA kitchens over the years, to the point where we can do it in our sleep!  If you’re ambitious and patient enough you can certainly assemble and install your own cabinets, but if that’s not for you, we can definitely help!

Design and Layout

While IKEA offers free on-line design software, not everyone has the time or patience to design their own kitchen.  Fortunately, our in-house designer, Sarah is ready and eager to help!  IKEA cabinets work great outside the kitchen too, so whether it’s a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or walk-in closet, Sarah can help you find the perfect layout of cabinets, appliances and fixtures to make your room look great and function to your needs.  Her affordable design package comes with in-home measurement and consultation, professional 2D and 3D layouts of your room, and up to two major revisions.  Many of the projects featured in our works section wouldn’t be the same without the contribution of our amazing designer!  Check it out!

Assembly and Installation

IKEA cabinets are different from other cabinet brands.  They have their own quirky way of going together and going on the wall.  For many people, and even for a lot of experienced contractors, it can be a frustrating and time consuming experience trying to assemble and install their first IKEA kitchen.   Fortunately, you have a choice.  We have years of experience working with IKEA cabinets.  With our professional assembly and installation, your cabinets will perform and look their best.  Let us do it for you!

IKEA Hacks

IKEA cabinets offer great bang for your buck, but they do come with some limitations.  We don’t let that stand in our way, however. Over the years we’ve become adept at customizing these cabinets to fit our customers needs and space.  Whether its a matter of cutting down a cabinets width or depth to fit the space, or expanding on the functionality by adding third party hardware to make a spice pull-out or an appliance garage, we’ve done it all, and if we haven’t, we’re not afraid to try.  The best part is, when we’re done your friends will never know that it was “hacked”  they’ll think it came that way!

Already have a design?  Send it over for a free estimate!  We also offer a free evaluation:  it’s a chance for us to come out and meet with you at your home, check all the measurements, answer questions,  and offer some feedback and suggestions based on our experience.

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