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I can’ believe how long it’s been since I last posted!  To my regular readers and subscribers, I apologize!  But it’s not for lack of anything interesting to post, I assure you.  In fact we’ve been super busy, and I have a back-log of cool projects that I can’t wait to show off!   Like this one for example:



We put these cool built-ins together for a customer in West Seattle, back in May.  They are made up of a combination of IKEA kitchen cabinets and Hemnes Bookcases.  We used the 15x24x30 fridge cabinets along the bottom, installing drawers in some and doors on others, and then we modified the Hemnes book cases by simply chopping off the legs.  A plywood top and some trim to tie it altogether and some paint to match the Veddinge fronts et voilà!




As part of the same project we also built this stunning fireplace surround.  I was somewhat skeptical when the client asked for this asymmetrical design, but I have to say, it totally works!


We framed out the surround 6″ from the wall so the TV and sound bar would sit flush with the face.  Our tile guy, Eugene, really outdid himself on this one!


As an added touch to the built-ins, we put together some sliding doors to conceal their ductless heater when not in use.  Pretty slick, huh?!  I love projects like this, that challenge peoples perceptions of IKEA.  It’s not just for college kids anymore!


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