For this kitchen, our customer really wanted to bring out the craftsman style of the home.  So we incorporated elements like Marmoleum tile flooring, traditional style moldings, and a marble tile backsplash.  The framed solid wood doors on these IKEA cabinets (Ramsjo White) fit nicely here, but maybe our favorite feature is the exposed brick chimney.  The chimney was no longer being used, and it had been completely walled up for years, but the customer really wanted to have it exposed.  Of course none of us could know what kind of shape it was in until we got in there, but fortunately it was still in great shape and just needed minimal repairs.  Now it’s the highlight of the kitchen!

       What we like –

Having such a rough, rustic feature like the exposed brick chimney isn’t going to appeal to everyone’s taste, but we really think it works well here as a unique accent.  The Marmoleum tile floor was a great choice too.  It fits perfectly in this kitchen, and it’s a sustainable product!