Located in Tacoma, WA,  this beautiful Craftsman style kitchen belongs to Robert and Timothy, tile makers and owners of Grid Architectural Surfaces + Tile.  As you can see their beautiful handmade tile features prominently here on the floor and the backsplash.  By using IKEA’s LIDINGO cabinets and their own handmade tile, the new kitchen fits perfectly within this 1905 home while still offering an updated open feel.  Robert and Timothy took on a lot of the work for this remodel themselves with the help of some friends, and they did an excellent job, but when it came time to install the IKEA cabinets, they decided to give us a call and we’re happy they did!  We were able to offer a couple of suggestions to make the most of their design, such as the addition of custom open shelving to avoid dead space next to the fridge, and to create a display space for their cookbooks at the end of the island.  We used matching panels from IKEA to make the shelving.

     What we like-

When the homeowners enlarged the opening to the kitchen, they had to remove some of the original decorative glass panels from the dining room wainscoting.  They couldn’t bring themselves to just throw the panels out, so they decided to re-purpose them for the backsplash.  Using the water jet at their tile studio, they cut the panels into small hexagons and then carefully arranged the tiles into sheets for installation.  Very cool!