This kitchen is the centerpiece of a whole house remodel we completed for a family in Sammamish, WA.  The family has lived in this home for a while now, and plan to stay and raise their family here.  So they called on us to help them bring their house out of the 90s and make it better suit their needs.  From a design point-of-view, the kitchen was challenging.  We all wanted to eliminate the angled wall and make the space bigger, but there would have been so much structural engineering involved that it would have blown the budget to make it work.  Still, Breanne was able to work within the limited space to create create better flow and a more functional space.  And what a stunning space it is!  Featuring IKEA cabinets with our own Unhinged Custom Doors, Thermador integrated fridge and freezer columns, and little custom touches like pull-out spice racks, reeded glass doors, and interior and under cabinet lighting.  It all combines to make a truly lavish and unique kitchen which will surely be at the center of many shared memories for this family in the years to come.  We’re so happy they called on us to help them realize their vision, and we’re all truly proud of the stunning results!

     What we like-

The integrated refrigerator and freezer!  This was a key element to increasing the flow of the kitchen.  Using an Integrated refrigerator allows it to sit flush with the cabinets. This is different from counter depth refrigerators, where the body of the fridge fits within the cabinets, but the door and handle still stick out about 4 to 6″. Integrated refrigerators are expensive though, starting at $6,000!