Our customers had just bought this cute home in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle when they contacted us.  In fact, they hadn’t even moved in yet, but they were super excited to make some changes (especially to the kitchen) and make the house feel more like their own.  They had some great ideas in mind, but asked us to help them solidify their vision with a design.  So we drew up some plans and after a few minor revisions we set to work.  The end result is this beautiful kitchen which combines IKEA’s Gnosjo cabinets with their Abstrakt White line.  To make the kitchen fit better into this older home we opted to go with traditional crown molding on top of the cabinets instead of using the simpler, and more modern looking, molding from IKEA.  We think it all came out great, but more importantly, our customers love it!

       What we like –

We love mixing colors and textures in kitchen designs.  It always takes it to that next level.  In this case the black wood-grain finish on the bottom cabinets really balances out the ultra modern gloss white finish of the top cabinets.  Then adding the little pop of color in the backsplash ties it all together.