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New Bathrooms in a Log Cabin

By November 25, 2012June 24th, 2017Bathrooms
Log Cabin

A beautiful ski cabin set in the woods near Crystal Mountain

A couple of years ago we had the pleasure of remodeling the kitchen of this beautiful log cabin( see my post about it here:  Installing IKEA cabinets in a log home).  It’s not every day that we get the opportunity to work in such a peaceful story-book setting, so when we were asked to come back and  remodel the bathrooms, we jumped at the opportunity!

Greenwater River

The picturesque scenery made the hour plus commute go by like it was nothing

There were a couple of challenges with the bathroom remodels here.  First was the lack of space.  Both bathrooms were really small, and since knocking out walls and enlarging the space wasn’t an option, we had to plan everything down to the inch to get the most out of the space.

Bathroom remodel

Installing a custom tile shower pan allowed us to utilize a few more inches for our shower instead of relying on pre-fab shower pans which come in limited sizes.  We also swapped out the traditional door for a pocket door.

The other challenge was that the ceiling consisted of 1-1/2″ floor boards set atop log beams.  This meant that there were no cavities between the floors to run our plumbing for the upstairs bathroom.


In the old bathroom the toilet and tub were set on a platform to provide a space for the plumbing


After removing the platform the plumbing was exposed and ready to be re-routed

We hated the platform that the previous builder had installed to give space for the plumbing, and opted instead to build a soffit into the ceiling below to conceal the pipes.


This tub just takes up too much space in an already cramped bathroom

We also decided that the tub just took up too much room and the family never used it anyway, so we opted for a shower instead, which increased the space dramatically.

neo-round shower

This neo-round shower gave us the most comfortable shower space with the smallest foot print

Removing the old tub opened up enough space that we were able to add an extra vanity, and with three daughters sharing the upstairs bathroom, it’s going to be put good use.

extra vanity

Another way we were able to increase the sense of space was by removing the tongue and groove paneling from the walls and replacing it with drywall.  The lighter colored walls really helped to brightened up the room.

IKEA vanities
With limited floorspace, we went with IKEA sink/vanities to save space

Upstairs Bathroom

Clear frame-less glass shower doors are another way of maintaining a sense of space in a small bathroom.

Glass shower door

By using frame-less glass for the shower enclosure, we maintained an open spacious feeling in this limited space.

The modern colors and textures of the new bathrooms against the rustic elements of the log cabin create a compelling contrast which we really like.

IKEA vanity

The contemporary IKEA vanity set against the rustic logs creates a compelling contrast

Overall it was a just a really fun project.  With the beautiful scenery and the peacefull surroundings, and the amazing elk who visited us daily, we’re going to miss heading out there!


A mother Elk relaxes while her calf grazes right out in the front yard of our cabin

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  • blank Landon says:

    Amazing that such a modern interior bathroom looks so good with a old rustic log cabin. Surroundings of the cabin looks gorgeous. Very well done.

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