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Here are some pictures from our latest kitchen remodel

These are IKEA’s ABSTRAKT High-Gloss White cabinets.

IKEA.Kitchen.Kirkland.3The red glass mosaic backsplash was a bold choice, but it really works here!

IKEA.Kitchen.Kirkland.4Plenty of storage here, with a whole wall full of full height pantry cabinets!

IKEA.Kitchen.Kirkland.5IKEA doesn’t make a base corner cabinet with an angled front like this, but we were able to do a simple modification to their lazy-suzan cabinet which allows us to use this corner sink.  The 17″ door from IKEA’s wall corner cabinet fits perfectly here.

IKEA.Kitchen.Kirkland.1This little wet bar area is oh-so-cool.  The under cabinet LED lights really make things pop!  The wine shelf is custom made using wall cover panels.

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  • blank Mike Myers says:

    What Ikea product did you use for the full height cabinets?

  • blank Katrina says:

    How did you do the modification for the corner sink cabinet, and what cabinet did you use? TY.

    • blank Npate says:

      I would also like to know how you did the corner sink modification. We are looking to do the same within the next few weeks. Thank you!

      • blank Tim says:

        It’s actually a pretty easy hack. We simply cut a triangle out of an extra shelf to fill in the open space on the base of the cabinet, and then use the 17″ door from the corner wall cabinet. The only trick is that you need to purchase the corner wall cabinet to get the hinges – At least that’s how it was for the Akurum line. I’m not sure with the Sektion line if you can buy the hinges separately. Hope that helps! good luck!

        • blank Alex says:

          Could you please explain it step-by-step. What cabinet you started with, what modification you did, etc. Can it be done for the wall unit as well?

  • blank John says:

    Can you explain the corner sink again? Did you order the corner base cabinet or the corner wall cabinet? How big is that sink?

  • blank Cynthia says:

    What is the total width of your wet bar? Width of the sink base & wall cabinets? Does ikea has the wine rack?

    • blank Tim says:

      It’s about 48″. We used 2 15″ uppers with a custom built shelf in the middle, and for the bottom we left 24″ for the wine fridge, and used an 18″ base cab for the sink. Hope that helps. Thanks for reading!

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