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This week, we added the finishing touches to this cute little apartment kitchen.  It was extra special for us because this is the first kitchen to feature our new custom doors!  OK, so it’s just two doors and some floating shelves, but hey it’s a start, and we already have orders for more, so look for those kitchens in future posts.Custom.Walnut.Doors.For.IKEAFor the accent doors, the customers chose our flat-sawn walnut.  One of the cool things about ordering custom doors is the grain matching, or sequencing, meaning the grain flows from one door to the next.  In this kitchen, adding the warm, natural wood doors gives a perfect balance to the stark, modern Abstrakt white.


This kitchen is a great example of how spending just a little extra on some accent pieces can turn a kitchen into a real showpiece.  The custom walnut doors and shelves, and the beautiful, hand glazed tile backsplash make this kitchen stand out without spending a ton of money.  Another cool touch was the use of the white quartz on the island, and grey on the perimeter.

SeattleApartmentKitchenBefore1I love before and after shots!  Can you believe this is even the same apartment?!  Seriously, what a transformation, and I’m sure nobody’s missing those pink countertops right now!

Ikea.Kitchen.Installers.SeattleOut with the old, and in with the new!  In the old kitchen, Andrei would have been standing behind a wall, and in the middle of the peninsula.  This new kitchen design has so much more room!

Custom.Floating.Shelves.For.KitchenBecause this is an apartment, there were restrictions on the type of flooring we could use.  Hardwoods were out, and because of the open floor plan, the customer wanted one floor throughout the kitchen/living/dining rooms, so we decided on cork.  Cork is a soft product so it’s comfortable under foot, but also fairly durable and should hold up very nicely for this small family.  I know I already mentioned the backsplash before, but I really love that tile.  I think too many people shy away from bold colors, but it seems like every time one of my customers takes the risk and goes for it, it pays off!







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