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Earlier this year, I was contacted by a couple on Bainbridge Island to help them remodel their kitchen.  They had been wanting to remodel their kitchen for some time, but were finally pushed into it when their dishwasher caught fire, and ruined their kitchen!

After calling in specialists to clean up the smoke residue, they were able to assess the damage:  the countertop and cabinets around the dishwasher were damaged and because of all the smoke, the electronics in their range were ruined, so by the time I came on the scene, their kitchen was somewhat functional, except they were reduced to cooking their meals on a hot-plate.

What the customer really wanted for their new kitchen was a Mid-Century modern look that would remain faithful to the houses original architecture but bring  a current modern feel.  So working with our designer, Breanne, They came up with this great design.  The new layout moved the cooktop closer to the sink for better workflow, and implemented a wall of pantry cabinets around the fridge and built-in oven/microwave for massive storage.  In later stages of the design Breanne and the customer agreed to refinish the floors and get back to the natural color of the original wood, which was a great choice, and really lightened up the space.


Using tongue and groove cedar paneling on the ceiling is a common feature in mid-century design, and utilizing it here not only accentuates the look, but adds warmth and dimension to the room.  This along with the beautiful custom doors totally nailed the look our customers were after.

Custom.Doors.IKEA.Cabinets.3I love using custom doors/faces on IKEA cabinets.  It’s the perfect way to make your cabinets look like a million bucks without actually spending a million bucks!  These doors are made from a rift white oak veneer, and they look awesome!  One of the great things about custom doors is that all the doors are grain matched, meaning the wood grain flows from one door to the next, giving the cabinets a much more refined look.  Another cool feature is the option to do notched handles, which is what this customer chose.

Custom.Doors.IKEA.Cabinets.5You can’t tell from the picture, but to make more room in the kitchen, we actually moved the wall behind the refrigerator and pantry cabinets back about 6″ to leave a nice open walkway through to the living room.  We also closed off one of the doorways to make more room for cabinets.  I love the use of space here.  So much better than before!




One feature we carried over from the old kitchen is the open shelves on the back of the peninsula.  This was a simple addition using matching panels from the same material.

Custom.Doors.IKEA.Cabinets.4This end result:  A warm inviting kitchen which our customers love to spend time in, and which we are proud to have built!




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